A letter to SHINee

Dear SHINee,

our names are Carina and Sophia and we're come from the land with Porsche, BMW, beer, David Garret and the flag with the three colours, black-red-gold - Germany!

Yes, in Germany are Shawols too and we hope all, You come to us!

We love You so much and we can't imagine, that's give better music as YOUR music and K-Pop!

All five members of You have sooo beautiful voices and we wish us, this voices singing in our little land!

If this happen, we are all soo happy and we would don't forgot this day!

So SHINee, we wait for You, please come to Germany!

You're welcome!

Have a nice SHINee Day,

Your two very great Shawols,

Carina and Sophia We LOVE YOU!

Liebe Shawols!

Hier ist DER Brief an SHINee, den Carina (Taemin) selber verfasst hat!

Falls SHINee mal aus irgend einem guten Grund auf dieser Seite landen SOLLTE, können sie diesen Brief auf Englisch lesen!

Dieser Brief ist auch in unserer Community zu finden.


Liebe Grüße Eure beiden Shawols,

Sophia und Carina